Family reunion visas are intended to reunite family members i.e (Spouse) husbands/wives, children and parents economically dependent on the sponsors. It is a long term (type D) visa.

Following applicants will be considered as family members :

• The registered spouse married under civil law (Note:- religious marriages, of any kind, and polygamy are not recognized by the Italian laws),
• The children under 21 years can apply ,In case of adopted children, they must have been lawfully adopted in accordance with the laws of Nigeria;
There are two types of family reunion visas:

1.The family members who wishes to join the spouse/parents/children that are lawfully residing in Italy;
2.The family members who wishes to settle in Italy at the same time when the family member who is going to obtain an authorization to work or study in Italy.
Type D category visa:- 116 Euro