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How well-versed are you in Lithuanian visa laws?

To travel to Lithuania, Indian nationals must obtain a visa. It is a document that enables its possessor to travel to Lithuania and stay there temporarily.

If you have a Lithuania Schengen visa, however, you might not need a visa for Lithuania. You can only visit Lithuania for a short time, though. A Lithuania National Visa is required if you intend to stay in Lithuania for an extended period.

Three different visa categories are available in Lithuania:

● Airport transit visa (Type A)

● Short-term visa (Type C)

● National visa (Type D)

It is essential to remember that some of these visa subtypes can be grouped under a more general heading and differ in that different paperwork is needed to apply for them.

What is a Lithuania Work Visa?

A work permit given by Lithuania enables a foreigner to work there legally. In the permit, the company entrusted with this duty and the work that the foreign employee is to complete are both listed.

If you have secured a job, a Lithuania work visa for Indian citizens allows you to remain in Lithuania for an extended period. If the foreign worker completes the tasks outlined in the authorization, the work will only be considered legal. This suggests that if the foreign national wishes to change jobs, he must ask for a new permit. But occasionally, the permit remains in force despite a change in the circumstances surrounding its issuance.

Types of Lithuania Work Permits

In Lithuania, a variety of work permits are provided. They usually include:

● Work visa for high-skilled workers (EU Blue Card)

● Work visa for transfers within a company

● A work permit to work in Lithuania

● Work visa during a season.

Lithuania Tourist visa for Indian citizens

If you plan to visit Lithuania in less than 90 days, you will need a Lithuania tourist visa. For their visit, Indian nationals must obtain this visa.

Types of Lithuania tourist visa

There are two categories to choose from when requesting a Lithuanian tourist visa: multiple-entry and single-entry.

Multiple entry visa – With this visa, visitors can spend as much time in Lithuania as they like during the allotted three months.

Single entry visa – Travellers are only permitted to visit once during the allotted three months with this visa.

Lithuania tourist visa requirements

Your eligibility for a Lithuanian tourist visa is determined by the documentation you have on file. These records consist of the following:

● A properly filled-out and signed application form - The French government is in charge on behalf of the Lithuanian embassy in Nigeria.

● Color copy of each of your prior visas.

● Valid passport for travel abroad - You must provide a valid document with at least two blank pages for at least three months after your intended departure date.

● Passport size photos - You must provide two recently obtained passport-sized photos.

● Travel Insurance – You must provide proof of comprehensive travel insurance when applying for a Lithuanian tourist visa.

● Describe why you are travelling - Your contact in Lithuania, your intended stay in Lithuania, and the specifics of your schedule must be sent.

● Reservation for a flight - You must provide proof of your flight reservation, including the airline's name, number, and departure and return dates.

● Accommodation documentation – You must provide documentation of a hostel reservation for the duration of your stay in Lithuania or documentation of private lodging from a Lithuanian relative.

● Proof of finances - Documentation demonstrates that you have money to cover your expenses while in Lithuania.

● Evidence of civil status - A birth certificate, marriage certificate, spouse's death certificate, etc.

You might also need to submit a leave of absence approval, an introduction letter from your employer, and a tax clearance certificate if you work.

Lithuania visa for Indian Citiizens - Eligibility Criteria

You must adhere to the following criteria to be qualified to enter the nation on a visa.

● Travel honestly - To enter the country, you must do it with a legitimate and reasonable aim.

● Able to cover all costs - You must have enough money to cover your expenses during the stay and those of any dependents.

● Motives for returning - Strong ties to your native country are necessary to assure your return following your visit.

● Be a good person - You must be morally upright and have no criminal history. You might need to present a police clearance certificate.

● Be in good health - You must adhere to the authorities' set standards for health.

Lithuania Visa Processing Time

The normal processing time for a Lithuanian work visa is two weeks. But you can start the application process up to six months before your scheduled trip to Lithuania. If you submit an incomplete application, the waiting period could be increased to 45 days.


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