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Belgium's stunning countryside, medieval cities, and spectacular architecture make visiting during your European holiday worthwhile. Despite its tiny size, the Belgian coast has a diverse range of recreation and water sports facilities. Before planning your vacation, learn how to obtain a Belgium visa for India. Think your options over thoroughly, then submit your visa application for Belgium as soon as you can!

Types of Belgium tourist visas available for Indian nationalists

There are primarily two types of Belgium visas for Indians. The length of time you can stay in the country with a short-term visa is less than ninety days, while a long-term visa is more suitable if you want to stay longer than that.

Visa for Indians to Visit Belgium for a Short Stay

An application for a Schengen visa is required if your intended stay in Belgium is going to be for fewer than 90 days. There are no border controls between the 26 nations that make up the Schengen Area, of which Belgium is one. Those planning on staying in one of the Schengen countries for less than 90 days can apply for a visa in any of the countries that are signatories to the Schengen Agreement.

Your visa sticker will either say "1," "2," or "MULT" in the space designated for the number of entries. You may enter the Schengen Area as often as you wish within the permitted time period if you obtain a multiple entry visa ("MULT").

Belgium short-term visa costs: Contact our consultant to now Long-term visa costs.

Long-Term Visa to Belgium for Indians

A long-term tourist visa must be applied for in Belgium if you intend to remain for longer than 90 days. The VFS New Delhi centre is the sole place to submit a visa application. With this new system, the visa cost is paid directly to the VFS rather than the Embassy.

At the time of submission, you will be given back your passport.

Once your visa has been approved, the Belgium Embassy in New Delhi will contact you immediately. Obtaining a tourist visa to Belgium for Indian people is a simple process. The visa requirements for Belgium are straightforward.

Fee for a long-term visa: INR 14940/- + service price INR 1200/-.

Documents required for a Belgium Schengen Visa

Applicants for a short-term visa to Belgium are required to submit the following materials to the embassy or consulate.

• Visa application form. In the end, everything is finished, printed, and signed.

• Two passport-size images. The images should be no more than three months old and have been taken following the Belgium visa photograph standards and specifications.

• Passport: your passport should have minimum two blank pages to accommodate the Belgium visa sticker. It is recommended that you apply with at least three months remaining on your passport's expiration date.

• Preference Language Form: One of Belgium's three official languages can be used to complete your application (French, German or Dutch). Select "no preference" if you wish to finish the application in English.

• Cover letter: Make the most of your cover letter to market your trip to Belgium and outline why you want to go.

• Flight tickets: Plane rides that go both ways are referred to as flying itineraries. It lists arrival and departure times and flight numbers for Belgium (Schengen area).

• Accommodation documentation. A document outlining where you will be staying in Belgium.

• Proof of citizenship: A marriage license, a birth certificate, a death certificate, a copy of a will, etc.

• Proof of funds: Documentation that you have the means to support yourself throughout your time in Belgium. You have purchased adequate medical evacuation and repatriation insurance in the amount of €30,000 before departing for Belgium.

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