Canadian Business Visa for Indians

Canada's highly developed economy attracts a large number of businesses and individuals seeking to establish business relationships. Occasionally, these individuals may need to travel to Canada to meet with potential business partners and develop plans or execute business agreements. To access Canada, they may also require a visa.

A Canada business visa from India is required for entry into the nation and the performance of activities (such as attending meetings, participating in seminars, signing agreements and conferences, etc.) on behalf of a Canadian company.

Business visitors to Canada often stay for fewer than six months on a Business Persons and Business Delegations Visa. The visa holder is also restricted from working for any organization in Canada. They may only conduct business discussions and sign potential agreements.

Requirements for Getting a Business Immigration Canada

The candidate for a Business Persons or Business Delegation Visa must meet specific prerequisites and standards. It is a great deal more difficult to obtain a business visa for Canada in comparison to a tourist visa . The Canadian government and embassy want to make sure you have no intention of engaging in illicit employment. You must meet these conditions in addition to those for obtaining a Temporary Resident Visa in general:

· You must own your own business outside of Canada or work for a business that is listed outside of Canada.

· If you need to earn money from a job outside of Canada, you can't legally work in Canada.

· It is prudent to demonstrate that you have valid work visas from other countries.

· You must provide evidence that you are attending a meeting, conference, or workshop in Canada on behalf of a Canadian corporation or that you are otherwise doing business with a Canadian entity.

What Do You Need to Know to Apply for a Business Visa to Canada?

You may apply for a Canada Business Visa if you can show that you meet each of the aforementioned standards.

• Make sure you can get a Canada Business visa.

• You are need to compile all of the essential documentation in order to submit an application for a business visa to Canada.

• Send in the application for a business visa to Canada.


• Wait for processing and give any extra information that is asked for.

• Put a seal on your passport.

Canada Business Visa costs

The cost to register for a Canadian Business Visa is $100 CAD plus an additional fee of $85 CAD if biometric information is required. Therefore, the application fee for the Business Visa is $185 CAD.

If your visa is approved, you must pay approximately CAD 45 to process your passport.

With a business visa, can I bring my family to Canada?

If you need a visa to go to a business meeting or something similar, you can't bring your family to Canada on a business visa. In this case, your husband or common-law partner and children under 18 are your dependents.


Canada, being one of the world's most advanced economies, has a lot to offer in the way of commercial opportunities. A Canadian Business Visa opens the door to an entirely new market. If you need assistance applying for a business visa in Canada, Continental Immigration can help. Contact us immediately to initiate your Canada Business Visa application.


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