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Finland is a tourist hotspot. Not everyone can pack their bags and head to Finland. For some, obtaining a Finland tourist visa is necessary (also known as a Schengen visa)

If you need any help with your Finland Visit Visa for Indian, please get in touch with Continental Immigration.

Finland Tourist Visa Requirements

Here is a list of a Finland visit visa requirements that you need to put together:

  • For a Finland tourist visa for Indian, you need a valid passport.
  • A recent image of your ID is required. Follow the Schengen visa policy when taking your snapshot.
  • Trip Insurance
  • Proof that you can stay in Finland. It would assist if you could show that you have accommodation in Finland. Booking a hotel or renting a house can be shown in 2 directions.
  • A copy of the Passport bio page and a picture of it.
  • It would be advantageous if you could also display that you have the financial means to travel to Finland.
  • A letter is inviting someone to come to a party. People who ask you must also send you an invitation letter with your application if a family member or friend invited you. This letter should include all information about your guest and where they live.
  • Employment Status Form.
  • A work contract may be required depending on your present situation.
  • Statement of pensions (if retired).
  • Students' information (if a student).
  • The Cover Letter. You also need to write a cover letter explaining why you want to go to Finland, where you plan to go, and when you will return.
  • Certificate of Residence. It would help if you showed that you legally live in the country where you live now
  • The embassies can ask for any other documents regarding what they need. This is because there are so many different reasons, and a local Finnish mission should be able to help with this.
How to Apply for a Tourist Visa for Finland from India?
  • Send your travel details to our Visa Expert, who will assist you.
  • Fees and papers are submitted electronically.
  • Our Visa Specialist will review your documents, finalize your visa application, and set up a meeting with you to discuss your visa application.
  • Go to the Visa Application Center (VAC) on the day of your appointment to submit your biometrics (fingerprints and photo).
  • We will send your Finland Visit Visa to India.

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