Germany - Job Seaker Visa Germany overview From 1 August 2012 graduates who possess degree from German and other recognized university or foreign degree that is equivalent to a German degree are eligible to seek employment. Individuals in possession of jobseeker visa may stay in Germany up to six months to seek employment. For obtaining jobseekers visa, applicant must provide proof of their university degree so they can help them for the planned duration of their stay. Jobseekers are not permitted to work, while seeking employment on a self-employed basis or otherwise.

About Germany

Germany is major industrial nation and one of the world's largest economies. Officially known The Federal Republic of Germany is a federal parliamentary republic in West-Central Europe. The country prides itself in one of the major economic and political power of Europe.

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Benefits of German jobseeker visa

It allows you to search for a job and interview with employers and getting an employment visa becomes simple. Once a person secures a job, applicant can apply for a residence permit- employment after completing 3 years of residence.

IELTS not required

A person can apply for a skilled worker residence permit with the help of a sponsorship from local employer, once he is successful in securing a job in Germany.

Germany Jobseeker Visa- Eligibility

Education:  Possess a recognized qualification from German Universities or foreign degrees equal to German Degrees.

Enough funds and accommodation:

• adequate funds and accommodation for the intended stay in Germany (6 months).

• medical insurance and travel

Employment: Sufficient years of experience in the selected occupation can help you in finding jobs in Germany (not a mandatory requirement).

Motivation : Getting a good view of employment and career prospects in Germany and planned course of action to secure employment in Germany.


1. No age limit.
2. Good knowledge of English. 3. Medical travel insurance (compulsory).
4. Sufficient funds to sustain in Germany .
5. Accommodation proof for stay in Germany.
6. Bachelor degree from a recognised institute or university (compulsory).

Converting Visa to Germany Blue Card

Individual can apply for Blue Card from within the country after getting the job.

Individual with annual gross salary of minimum of 44,800 Euros are granted Blue Card residence title. In such cases approval of Federal Employment Agency is no longer mandatory.

Professionals possessing degree in mathematics, informatics, natural science and technology (so-called MINT professions) and doctors are entitled to Blue Card, earning less than 44,800 Euros. For this they must earn same amount compare to German worker, minimum of 34,944 Euros. In these cases, the Federal Employment Agency's approval is still compulsory.

After 33 months, Blue card holders are guaranteed permanent residence permit if they can show their language skills fulfilling with level B1of the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR).

Candidate has to go through the compulsory embassy interview.

Consulate Fee

• Visa Fee - 60 Euro