Study Abroad

Poland has increasingly becoming one of the most preferred destinations for students due to its high standards of study and better facilities. Obtaining a visa for Poland studies is not a complex task. First of all, a student needs approval from any Poland university and following documents are required to apply for a visa:

List of UK University

• Passport of the native country
• One passport-sized photograph
• A Completed and Signed Poland Student Visa Application form.
• Evidence of immigration
• Visa Application Fee, payable by cash/postal order.
• Proof of Accommodation in Poland, if required.
• An official letter of acceptance from a college or university.
• Transport documentation, such as a rail or air ticket.

As your representatives, we can take care of all the paper work required for Poland study visa. You need to check in at any of our centres and our counsellors could guide you to choose best possible course and university and could also take care of statutory compliances.


List of Poland University