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All employees who are not natives of one of Sweden's surrounding Nordic countries must get a Sweden work permit visa before beginning employment there. Despite being a citizen of the EU or EEA, EU/EEA nationals are nevertheless subject to additional conditions before they may get a Sweden work visa .

Benefits of working in Sweden

  • The importance of being innovative: Sweden has a culture that supports new ideas. Many businesses, from information technology to the energy sector, are pioneers in green innovation. Companies from Sweden , such as IKEA, Ericsson, and Spotify, have and are making significant contributions to their respective industries.
  • Globalization: Sweden relies heavily on exports due to its small domestic market. There have been many successful startups recently, including the video game companies King and Mojang and the financial technology firm Klarna.
  • Triumphant outcome: The centralization of pay bargaining is part of what makes the Swedish labor market so dynamic today. There is a long history of bargaining between labor unions and businesses, with the goal of ensuring both parties' long-term health.
  • Inclusion is crucial: According to the extensive anti-discrimination rules in Sweden, everyone has the right to be treated equally under the law, regardless of their ethnicity, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, or physical or mental handicap.
  • Successful sustainable business: Being environmentally responsible gives businesses an edge in the marketplace. There are a lot of Swedish businesses that advocate for sustainable practices in their administration and planning. There's more at stake here than just the natural world.

Documents required for Sweden Work Visa

The norms for acquiring a Sweden work permit are as follows:

  • A current passport is required.
  • You'll need a formal work offer or contract to apply.
  • Your pay offer should align with what is stipulated in the Swedish collective agreements.
  • A monthly job offer of 1220€ (about SEK 13,000) is required.
  • Your employer's responsibilities are ensuring your health, life, job, and retirement.

How to apply online for a Sweden work visa

Online submissions will help you save time and increase your chances of getting a response quickly. These are the steps involved in applying online for a Sweden Work Visa .

Employment offer: An offer of employment from a Swedish company must be submitted in order to apply for Sweden Work visa . Before making you an offer, the employer must first have advertised the post at least ten days in Sweden, EU/EEA, or Switzerland.

The company starts this application process: Your employer must submit a job offer to begin the work permit application process. Name, date of birth, citizenship status, educational background, and email address are just a few pieces of personal data you'll need to offer to a potential employer.

Getting a message in your inbox: Your prospective company will send you a detailed email outlining the Sweden work permit application process once the employment offer is finalized. You should apply for your family's visas at the same time you apply for your own if they wish to join you in Sweden.

Submit the document: You must also provide a power of attorney and photocopies of relevant passport pages with your application. Images or scans of these papers are required.

Pay visa fees: Visa or Mastercard have accepted methods of payment for the application cost. After you have paid the application cost, you can submit your application.

Submit informatiom for a residence card: If your stay in the United States is going to be more than 90 days, you will be issued a resident permission card. The residence card documents legal status in Sweden and includes biometric data like fingerprints and a photograph.

Receive visa via e-mail: An email will be sent to both you and your employer. In addition, you'll need to bring your passport.

Sweden Processing Time for a Work Visa

Sweden Work visas take varying amounts of time to get, depending on the field of employment. Depending on the industry (janitorial, forestry, automotive, etc.), this can take anywhere from two to twelve months.

You will be given a processing time when you submit your application to the Swedish Migration Agency or a Swedish consulate general.


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